What is GRAC?

This is a simple app that displays the most recent calls from Afroraydude's Active Calls API. It allows for downloading of data in a CSV format. We also store historical data, meaning we have a record for every published call up to when we started collecting data (April 2022).

How does it work?

This app (and its supporting API) aggregates calls from the public call sites operated by the Richmond City, Chesterfield County, and Henrico County Police and Fire Departments. This data is stored in a database hosted on a server that is accessible to the public through the Active Calls API.


This app is not affiliated with the Richmond City, Chesterfield County, or Henrico County Police nor Fire Departments. This means that if any of these agencies change how their call data is collected, this app may not be able to display the most recent calls or may display incorrect or malformed data. In the case that this app is unable to display the most recent calls, please contact me. We will try to fix the issue as soon as possible.